KIVANC Textile Quality Policy

To ensure our client’s satisfaction by being aware of their expectations and World market facts and devoloping the true products before our competitors and growing up continuously as a leading company to the market.

To operate as a company which works for high quality-low cost and high efficiency in its production and energy consumption and cares for environment and human health with its manpower highly loyal and adopted company values.

To improve continuously all our processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System as an innovative, high quality and reliable company preferred by the most famous fashion brands as a strategic partner on the woven fabrics.

To make feel to our employees that they are a member of an important worldwide brand with our team spirit and to invest for their training.

To support to our shareholders to achieve our determined goals and objectives with all our manpower.

Woven Fabric Manufacturer & Supplier

European and American apparel market

Woven Fabric Manufacturer & Supplier including famous local and global fashion brands Üreticisi ve Tedarikçisi

Premiere Vision paris, Première Vision New York, The London Textile Fair, Münich Fabric Start Textile Fair

Quality fabrics, Quality Producer, Manufacturer and Supplier

Countries such as USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and England are suppliers of Fabric Producer, Manufacturer and Supplier

Essential fibers: cotton, viscose, polyester, linen, modal and tencel

woven fabric in Turkey