Privacy Policy

“KIVANÇ TEKSTİL undertakes to respect to your right of privacy”.

This “Privacy Statement” is about to keep your information confidential, being a company that benefits from our services.

I. Collecting Information

We have access to information about all our services we provide. This is consist of your information provided on a voluntary basis and gathered during our operations.

II. How We Use Your Information

This information is kept by our expert staff in order to provide better service for you and to address your needs. We manage these processes efficiently in communicating with you in order to determine your needs and to provide better services in the future.

III. Relations with Third Parties

We may use third parties in order to provide you better services and information. Your information will not be shared other than our third parties. If we allow to access your information for our third parties, we will not give any permission to use your information for any purpose that are not inconsistent with this “Privacy Statement”. We undertake that we will not sell or disclose any information you give us to third parties without your explicit permission.

IV. Security Measures

We want to protect your information to be as safe as possible in most reasonable degree. Our ability to improve our services depends on your desire to share your information about our services with our company. We use software that is protected by encryption applications in order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of some of the service and project information you give us. For documents on paper, we would like you to know that only authorized personnel can reach them. All information is, either physically or digitally, protected by security measures that prevent unauthorized users from accessing to them. Although we make every reasonable effort to protect information against loss, misuse or alteration by third parties, you should always remember that there is always the risk of an unauthorized party intervening or someone disturbing our security systems.

V. Amendments to Our Privacy Declaration

Your information will only be used as described in this Privacy Statement. However, we reserve the right to change the terms of this “Privacy Statement” at any time by issuing revisions. In any case, if we do decide to use this information differently than when it was collected, we will notify you by e-mail. You will be given the option of “approving” for further use or disclosure of the information you give us before the change in our statement.

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