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Kıvanç Tekstil operates as one of the main woven fabric supplier of European and American apparel market including famous local and global fashion brands by performing an annual capacity of 18 million meters on a wide mix of fabric blends.

Kıvanç Tekstil is an integrated woven fabric producer based in Adana, South Central Turkey. Company was founded by Hacı Mustafa KIVANÇ in early 1950 and since then has grown to become a vertical fabric producer covering all crucial woven textile production steps from spinning to finishing. The Company operates at a single large manufacturing facility located at an open area of 267.000 m2 and a closed area of 105.000 m2 in Adana, one of the well-known cities of Turkish textile industry.

Kıvanç produces wide range of high quality and innovative fabrics; from fiber dyed to piece dyed, textured to digital printed with blending most demanded fibers in textile market such as cotton, viscose, polyester, linen, tencel, modal and wool.

Company’s main product range consists of yarn and fabric; most importantly, yarn is the major input for company’s own fabric production.

Kıvanç Tekstil targets and currently supplies high quality and innovative fabrics for business and classic apparel both for menswear and womenswear. Kıvanç operates as one of the main woven fabric supplier of European and American apparel market including famous local and global fashion brands by performing an annual capacity of 18 million meters on a wide mix of fabric blends weigh between 100gr/sqm to 500gr/sqm. Company’s innovative approach and know-how in the industry leads long-term collaborations with fashion retail brands by producing best quality fabrics with professional work ethics.


Kıvanç Tekstil, formerly Kıvanç Ticaret, has been established by Hacı Mustafa Kıvanç in early 1950’s.


  • 1946
    Hacı Mustafa Kıvanç started to work as a prentice quilt maker.
  • 1950's
    For several years, Kıvanç consolidated his experiences with perseverance and hard work, then decided to start his family business in early 50’s and opened a small store in downtown Sivas.
  • 1968
    Kıvanç Family has expanded through years and moved their family business to Adana. Hacı Mustafa Kıvanç continued to grow his business with cotton and fabric trade. As his sons Ziya, Zeki, Zafer, Mehmet and Fatih Kıvanç have grown and helped to develop their family business, since then Kıvanç Tekstil became a well-known yarn and fabric trader of Southern Turkey.
  • 1990's
    In early 90’s, Open End Spun Yarn mill was founded in Çukurova, Adana. Kıvanç Tekstil, was one of the first yarn manufacturers that operated Open End mills in Adana.
  • 2006
    With fundamental investments to facilities by developing weaving and finishing mills in 2006, Kıvanç had completed its integration process and became a well-known woven fabric producer in Turkey.
  • 2012
    Kıvanç Tekstil was accepted to Turquality-Brand Support Programme which has increased company’s profile significantly through improving international marketing and sales channels, production capacity was multiplied by 4 times.
  • 2014
    NYTRO & KIVANÇ was born in September 2014 as a result of the acquisition of Italian company Nytro by Kıvanç Tekstil.
  • 2016
    Leading local textile industry at 15th place, Kıvanç Tekstil is the 312nd biggest company of Turkey for export trade announced by Turkish Exporters Assembly. At the same time Kıvanç Tekstil ranked #533 among Turkey’s Top Industrial Enterprises by Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 2016.
Today, Kıvanç Tekstil is a vertical woven fabric producer covering all crucial textile steps from spinning to finishing, which operates production with high technology by processing high quality raw materials.
Our mission is to be a company that produces a high quality fabric brand while focusing on customer satisfaction and striving to be trustworthy, reliable and sensitive to human health and environmental issues.
Recognized and preferred by the international fashion community for high quality and contemporary fabric design.

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Woven Fabric Manufacturer & Supplier including famous local and global fashion brands Üreticisi ve Tedarikçisi

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Countries such as USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and England are suppliers of Fabric Producer, Manufacturer and Supplier

Essential fibers: cotton, viscose, polyester, linen, modal and tencel

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