Energy Management Policy

“KIVANÇ TEKSTİL undertakes to reduce energy consumptions and costs and increases its long-term environmental and economic sustainability for energy efficiency in its production and all its activities”.

We commit to :

1- Ensure continuous improvement of energy management system and reduce energy consumption by following up energy performance criteria in accordance with the energy objectives and targets

2- Consider the energy efficiency in the design of systems and processes

3- Comply to energy regulations and fulfill legal obligations

4- Procure high energy efficient products by continuously monitoring of new technologies

5- Ensure the requirements of the energy efficiency system by training our employees and getting their opinions and suggestions for the energy management system.

6- Include our Stakeholders in the energy management system

7- Contribute to our national economy by using energy efficiently

8- Achieve our targets and objectives by using knowledge and resources efficently

9- Use renewable energy resources efficently

10- Carry out technology-related R&D studies by fulfilling the energy regulations

11- Keep the energy efficency targets constantly high by carrying out continuosly energy efficient projects.

12- Reduce the use of natural resources gradually year-by-year according to the framework of energy management system

13- Reduce the energy consumption by using recently developed Technologies

14- Train all our present and newly hired employees and create energy efficiency awareness in our company

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